Immersive Storylab

  • Mixed Reality
  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Reality
  • Creative Tech
  • Interaction Design


We make magical digital experiences and content across a range of media platforms, applications and channels. This includes developing virtual reality and augmented reality experiences and producing innovative digital content projects across our expertise in content production, creative technology, digital experience design and media storytelling.

Over the years we have worked on digital alchemy projects and media campaigns for a number of organisations who want to combine imaginative storytelling with cutting edge digital technologies and platforms to create experiences and interactions that resonate and connect with 21st century audiences.

Our mission is to synthesise storytelling, interaction design and immersive technology to make the world a more imaginative, playful and thought provoking place to be in. One that enables people to connect to emotive, transformational and engaging experiences that they can share with others in both physical and digital environments.

The project is also part of the curriculum for final year students at Manchester School of Art, helping students to be at the cutting edge of developments in immersive media.