Immersive Storylab

  • Immersive R&D
  • Prototype Design
  • Story Design
  • Mixed Reality
  • Augmented Reality
  • Digital Experiences
  • Spatial Media Design
  • Digital Placemaking
  • Experiential Heritage
  • Immersive Learning
  • Interactive Media

We experiment, research, develop & prototype projects in mixed reality storytelling & immersive media arts with the aim of creating magical, engaging and thought provoking digital experiences at the intersection of the digital, physical and human world. We are primarily focused on new forms of Emotional Immersion.

This includes creating augmented reality, mixed reality and experiential spatial media that converge our interests and expertise in storytelling and innovation across interactive media arts, theatre, television, radio, digital experience design, learning and filmmaking.

Over the years we have worked on digital alchemy projects with a number of organisations who want to combine imaginative and emotional storytelling with a range of immersive technologies to create experiences and interactions that resonate and connect with 21st century audiences and enhance the everyday.

We are sometimes magic makers, sometimes tinkerers and sometimes futurists speculating with the new narrative dynamics and capabilities of emerging technologies.

We work in cross-disciplinary and collaborative ways with a range of SME’s. artists, designers, filmmakers, animators, coders, technologists and researchers. This includes working in collaboration with emerging talent at Manchester School of Art, Digital Innovation at MMU and the Centre for Architecture and Visual Arts (CAVA) in Liverpool where we are helping to build capabilities around immersive experiences.

Our mission is to synthesise storytelling, interaction design and immersive media arts to make the world a more emotional, enchanted, imaginative, playful and thought provoking place to be in. One that enables people to connect to  transformational and engaging experiences that they can share with others in both physical and digital environments.

We are especially interested in how immersive storytelling techniques can help to transform space into place and how they can be used as a means towards wider social and cultural change by connecting emotionally and critically with the everyday. We use some really cutting-edge technology, but our focus is on people.