Immersive Storylab

  • Storyworlds
  • Digital Placemaking
  • Augmented Fiction
  • Immersive R&D

We research and develop story driven mixed reality and augmented reality projects. With a focus on creating Cinematic Storyworld experiences that make a difference.

Our mission is to synthesise cinematic storytelling, performing arts, immersive technologies and UX design together to create experiences that make the public realm a more enchanted, imaginative, playful and thought provoking place to be in.

We believe in using technology for good and our projects address a number of areas including using storytelling technology as a means to re-invigorate people’s relationship to placeto bring arts and culture to hard to reach environments and diverse audiences and to use story as a way to question and interact with big issues– with projects that help people to lead more active, thoughtful, healthy, meaningful and shared lives.

We collaborate with a number of artists, researchers, designers, media makers, technologists, architects and companies who want to combine imaginative and emotional storytelling with a range of technologies to create scalable experiences that resonate with 21st century audiences and challenges. We also undertake R&D projects with Universities, Research Centres and Students.

We believe in storytelling as an important force for positive social change in our world, yet it is often a neglected and sidelined consideration for people in the immersive technology sector. We are particularly keen to work on projects that use story to help make a difference to people’s health & wellbeing, the environment, our communities and places.

We are based in Liverpool and Manchester in the UK. Please get in touch with us if you have a collaboration, research project or idea in mind.