Over the coming years, spatial computing and next generation artificial intelligence systems have significant potential to enhance how we interact with, interpret and connect with art and culture in public spaces. With the growth of devices and systems that are driven through voice user interfaces (VUIs) and more human-focused interactions, this project is an exploration of using such systems to bring new storytelling encounters to urban art. Our first project is called: “Where is the Rat?”, making reference to Banksy’s famous, yet recently vanished  graffiti rat in Liverpool.

CAVA at the University of Liverpool is leading a collaboration with Creative Technologists from McCann Manchester and us at Immersive Storylab. Where we will research and develop a prototype experience that will enable people to have voice conversations with public art. The project will reveal new story worlds in the city, encourage urban exploration and highlight AI-powered new ways of audience/visitor engagement the city.

Using the power of technology built into today’s IoT Devices, the R&D project will show the potential artificial intelligence enhancing the digital experience of place.