We are helping to launch a new meetup group for everyone interested in Immersive Technology and its wide applications, including AR, MR, XR and VR. Starting in Liverpool in January 2018.
The aim is to bring together people working across the digital, creative and other sectors in the Liverpool City Region, including artists, developers, creative technologists, designers, content makers, engineers, researchers, freelancers, hobbyists and emerging talent to think about the exciting opportunities that immersive mixed reality technologies.

In particular, the group should interest anyone looking at building experiences across the spectrum of mixed reality and augmented reality devices. Especially people working with Unity, Unreal, Hololens, ARKit, ARCore, Vuforia, Meta, SDKs, Mobile & Headset AR, 360 video, haptic peripherals and other devices related to Immersive Technology.

Our aim is to develop a community that shares ideas, skills, resources, funding information, demos and knowledge in the growing immersive sector and to help people meet like-minded folk to talk about developing new ideas, projects, experiments, experiences and applications.
We’ll be launching the first meetup in January 2018, in the meantime feel free to join our group where we will update you on the details at https://www.meetup.com/Immersive-Liverpool/