An innovative story experience, in which radio drama and GPS technology combines to create an on-the- go narrative leading the audience through a range of iconic places in Manchester.

A spin-off of her BBC-commissioned horror drama, The Dying Wish, and in collaboration with Lime Pictures, Rosemary Kay’s The Murmuring of Water, is an experimental ghost-thriller, heard through headphones, whilst walking through public places.

The story follows pregnant Fran who is haunted not only by her own troubling thoughts about her unborn child, but also by the fleeting but recurring visions of a lost child in a red skirt. Are these visions the result of a mind under such pressure that she is seeing things? Are they evidence of a disaster about to happen? Or perhaps they are something to do with Fran’s suppressed memories?
As Fran’s journey leads us through the streets, the shops and canal paths of Manchester, we begin to question if Fran’s mind is playing tricks on her. Or perhaps it is her husband or best friend, deliberately confusing her? But Fran is definitely hearing someone’s voice, speaking to her, whether she is surrounded by the water features of Shambles square, or the yogic humming in the crystal shop on the top floor of Afflecks Palace, or the chatter of coffee- drinkers in the chic Royal Exchange café. And it undermines her already fragile confidence about becoming a mother.

It is only when the lost child in the pink skirt leads her down the canal path, that the connection between Fran and this strange apparition becomes clear….