Hey little people…..

Going to the theatre is a big deal.

You have to buy big tickets for big bucks, get dressed in your big clothes, then get on a big grown up train, then cue up for big drinks, then speak to big people….

and that’s before you have to deal with watching all the big egos, the big set ups and all the big massive convoluted drama.

It puts you off right?

That’s because being big is a pain. Most people appreciate the little things in life. Well we’ve just invented the perfect thing for you.

It’s just a little box, that sits on your table or your kitchen counter, allowing you to experience a little bit of drama, in a little place, that’s convenient for you.

Welcome to Theatre in a Box (TM).

It’s a little revolution. It’s the future. It’s massive (in little kind of way), especially if you are an ant.

Theatre in a box from Peter Woodbridge on Vimeo.

and here’s a live face hologram in the same box

3d Real-time Holographic Selfie from Peter Woodbridge on Vimeo.

Demo By Dr Rob Black and and nearly Dr Peter Woodbridge