On the 14th and 15th of May, 2015, a group of experts gathered in London to discuss the place and implications of secrecy in contemporary culture and politics. The event was organised by Clare Birchall and Matt Potolsky and sponsored by of the Institute of North American Studies, King’s College London.

#secrecymachine was a project of slow secretion, devised by Pete Woodbridge and Clare Birchall, to reveal the event’s secrets beyond the academy. It started on the 8th October 2015. Participants were exposed to a number of secret emails, each revealing codes and details for accessing content from the event.

All of the talks are now available and open to the public.


Vian Bakir (Creative Studies and Media, Bangor University)

Jamie Bartlett, Demos, Author of The Dark Net

John Beck (Institute of Modern & Contemporary Culture, University of Westminster)

Clare Birchall (English, King’s College London)

Zach Blas (Artist, Goldsmiths)

Jack Bratich (Communication and Information, Rutgers University)

Mark Fenster (College of Law, University of Florida)

Mikkel Flyverbom (Intercultural Communication and Management, Copenhagen Business School)

Deme Kasimis (Political Science, Yale University)

Timothy Melley (English, Miami University)

Adam Piette (English, Sheffield University)

Matt Potolsky (English, University of Utah)

Hugh Urban (Comparative Studies, Ohio State)

Øyvind Vågnes (Visual Culture, University of Copenhagen)

Neal White (Artist, Bournemouth University)